About Michael Surrago

On the Leading Edge of Brain Science and Education
This is me--highly focused and caring very much about your success!!!

This is me--highly focused and caring very much about your success!!!

My name is Michael Surrago, and I study the fastest group of learners in the world: 


From the ages of 0-4, babies, infants, and toddlers learn to crawl, walk, talk... and manipulate your emotions... to get what they want.  And here's the catch: no one really teaches them how to do it!  

How is it that these kids learn so fast?

What if you could learn Mathematics, or how to Write a Paper the way a baby learns... a language? 

That's the focus of my life's work.  In everything that I teach--every subject, every class, every tutoring session--my focus is to bring out your innate intelligence.  The result is a tutoring session that feels inherently "natural" to your nervous system--and that brings out, in you, that same intelligence that distinguishes the most rapid and integrated group of learners in the world: babies.

A bit about my background:  I have a BA from Northwestern University in English Literature, but I also focused my study there in Mathematics, History, Philosophy, and Russian Literature.  Before then, I attended a really good high school: Glen Rock public high in Glen Rock, NJ.

I have been a state-certified teacher of elementary and high school in New Jersey and California since 2005.  I first began (professionally) tutoring students in 2005.

I hope you find my life's study interesting.  With every student I work with, the study continues.  If that student sounds like you, click here and contact me.