Roots of Unity

Math: Complex Numbers are Real

Many years ago, I happened to stumble upon this video series by Welch labs, which I think all my Math students should see: 

Imaginary Numbers are Real

I began looking through the materials also on the Welch Website in preparation for my upcoming Brilliant Brain Camp The Roots of Unity; my "Roots" camp is a fascinating exploration into the nature of numbers.

Oh, and to anyone who feels bad about his or her math, by the way:

I've designed this Brain Camp with only one math requirement: the only numbers you really need to know are 0 and 1. Along the way, we'll have some fun with triangles, circles, and vibrating strings, and delve deep into whatever math and physics tells us about the nature of reality.  Really a philosophy course for those who want to learn more about math. 

Also of interest to me: Welch Labs created a really cool resource on this page too, worth a perusal if you want a divergent perspective on Math, Physics, Music, and the historical figure Pythagoras.

If you happen to check these out, leave a post and tell me what you think.